Recently, when the masses are time-bound, and every move is calculated, an increase in the urge for more rapid machines is natural. With the progression in science and technology, machines with maximum accuracy and more significant outputs in less time have relieved professionals worldwide. One such handy machine is a dry chemistry analyzer.

In this blog post, we have presented you with a quick overview of a dry chemistry analyzer.

What Is A Dry Chemistry Analyzer?

A dry chemistry analyzer is a testing machine that follows the basic principle of absorption spectroscopy and transmission turbidimetry for chemical analysis. It uses specific dry reagent strips for each project. Liquid test samples are added to these dry strips. The sample’s moisture acts as a solvent, causing a chemical reaction, thus making the chemical analysis possible.

Different models of dry chemistry analyzer are available, the SD1 Chemistry analyzer being one of them.

SD1 Chemistry Analyzer

It is a dry chemistry analyzer with incredible features like QR code, centrifuge, real-time quality control, and a built-in thermal printer. It is the best option in case when remote decisions are to be made. This fully automated analyzer is fit for on-site testing. It only uses 0.1cc of blood, serum, or plasma for testing and is super-efficient, fast, and accurate.

Advantages of Dry Chemistry Analyzer

• High Accuracy and Quick Results

A dry chemistry analyzer is becoming the ultimate option in the medical world because of its astonishing advantages, such as high accuracy and quick results. The results generated are accurate and error-less. Seamaty SD1 analyzer produces rapid results in 12 minutes.

• Easy Operation

Another reason why this analyzer has become prominent is its easy operation. It does not require dedicated and well-trained staff. It is super easy to operate and does not need pre-calibration.

• Small Sample

Usually, dry chemistry analyzers do not require large samples. However, the Seamaty SD1 analyzer is ahead of the rest because it only uses a minute sample of 0.1cc and still generates accurate results.

• Compact and Portable

Since the world is adopting a contemporary approach towards lifestyle because the spaces are less, industries knowing this fact, have devised special, compact devices. A dry chemistry analyzer is a compact and portable device that does not require large spaces and assembly. It is handy and can swiftly move around.

• Minimal Maintenance

Unlike other machines, a dry chemistry analyzer does not require hours of extended maintenance. There are no liquid circuits, pumps, or valves. The single reagent tray is the only part that serves as a complete set and is free of maintenance and cleaning.


A dry chemistry analyzer belongs to the latest era. It is a fully automated and intelligent machine with incredibly less testing time and accurate results.

It is super handy and portable and does not require laborious maintenance. It manages the data efficiently because of great storage memory. This is a perfect analyzer for on-site testing and saves time and energy. It is the best investment for any caregiving facility.


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