Connecting your mobile device to a vankyo leisure 470 pro projector isn’t difficult at all, particularly if you own an android device. But their small sizes may limit you at times. There is no specific projector for phone. You just need to use any of the following methods to connect phone to a projector.

· Connect phone to projector wirelessly

Using Google Chromecast is one of the easiest ways to connect phone to projector. But if your projector doesn’t support HDMI connections, you can’t do it. So, make sure that this feature is available in your projector. Plugging the Chromecast into HDMI port is the first step of this process. The Chromecast will start displaying the content on the projector. Also, make sure that you don’t turn “Power-save mode on” on your device. This will allow you to present something on the bigger screen. But the streaming quality will not be really good. You just need to download the app from play store in order to connect your phone to the projector.

· Using Wired Connection

Wireless options may not work well for you at times. So, you may also switch to wired connections. The USB-C option in your phone will allow you to connect your phone to projector.  But the projector must have HDMI support in order to use this feature. So, you can use an HDMI cable for this purpose.

You also have the option of using a “USB-C to HDMI Cable” to connect your device to a projector. This one is applicable to latest Samsung phones because they get charged using a USB-C. The only disadvantage of using such a cable is the lack of power that may affect your device also. So, in order to avoid any such issue, it is better to go for other options. For example, using MHL will allow you to charge your device while in connection with the projector.

· Wi-Fi Direct

You just need an android device for using this method. Only the version of your phone will decide whether this method works well or not. But the projector you have must support Wi-Fi direct in order to have better streaming. Just open the Wi-Fi menu and see the devices available there. Choose the one you want to connect your device with. This is a bit different from wired connections but it works better than many.

Miracast is a similar kind of thing you can use to connect phone to projector. Previously, it was connected to android but is no more a part of it. Miracast mainly depends on Wi-Fi direct which is supported by Android. So, in one way or the other, Miracast depends on Android and work with some android devices also.


There are many methods you can go for in order to connect your phone to projector. But the best one is wireless connection because it doesn’t let you indulge in choosing cables. Also, the cables may affect the streaming quality or may stop working. So, choose a wireless connection, either Miracast or Wi-Fi direct and enjoy the movies on bigger screens.


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