Gifting a gamer friend is quite tough task, as these gamers, don’t like much outside of their gaming world. A FIFA player does value fifa coins more than their lives thou! So, considering giving them FUT coins can be a lovely gift for them, they’ll surely do value them for the rest of their lives.

But how to transfer the coins is surely a lot risky. In order to transfer them safely, go through this blog and gift your friend.

1. Have a Maintained Account:

Make sure your account has nearly 20k to 2000k coins and the club creation and deletion option is available in your account, as you will have to delete a club to erase your traces.

2. Choose a Player and List it

You’ll have to choose one of the best players and list it with 70% maximum price of it. It is smart to choose an average payer and not the OG ones. Don’t list more than 70% of its original price. In order to avoid the risk and ban to your account it is said to transfer only 50k to 200k/day, so do chose a player according to this.

3. Bid OR Buy

The next step includes bidding or buying a player, buying is much effective as it doesn’t make you wait for coins to be transferred. If you bid a player, it will take quite a time and you’ll have to wait more for it, on the other hand if you buy a player, you surely will get the coins soon after the purchase.


Now that you’ve transferred some of the coins, it is better to lay low and wait for almost 25-40 hrs. before transferring more coins.


Do make sure to use less than 70%, once every 24-28 hrs. Don’t take the short way and earn the profit slowly and gradually. Take the risk but make sure to be safe. After the satisfaction of the amount you’ve, sell the coins to your SBC account, and give away the account to the friend.

Word of Caution

Try and spend lesser amount per 24-48/hrs. so you don’t have greater chances to be banned right away. Another thing to keep in mind is that it is much better to use only 1 card/day.

Game Plan:

If you want to giveaway 0k to 100k, do it in 4 to 6 weeks. But if you are willing to transfer 100k to 200k You can transfer in 2 to 4 weeks.


Let’s revise, make sure to use less than 70% to be safe. Buy the player and wait longer than 24 hrs. before another transfer. This is a transaction a day. Do another transfer after 24 hrs. and don’t rush or you’ll be at loss. After completing each transfer, delete your SBC account and at last create a new one.

Final Thought:

Even the happiness of a friend is worthy of anything, do not tend to risk your account. Patience and right gameplan will save you and your account from getting banned.


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