Forging is the most preferred process of heating, deforming, and at the last finishing a piece of metal. In simple words, forcing can be defined as a process in which different materials are forced to be shaped in a customized structure. This shape can be obtained either by two methods. First, by using a die press where a piece of metal is enclosed and then squeezed.

The second is by applying the force of a ram on the anvil. Moreover, the structural integrity is maintained because of heating metal and realigning the grains of metal. There are several uses of forging all over the industry. Further details regarding forging are available on cxin’s page along with different forging methodologies.

Forging Types at Cxinforging

As mentioned above, the production of strong car parts is done by forging and this production is way more demanding as compared to machining or casting. Moreover, automobile forming is considered exemplary in terms of reliability and strength.

The advancement in automobile forming allows us to manufacture parts with customized shapes and structures. Given are the forging types that we will get on cxin’s page.

Forging Die

The first step of automobile forming is forging die manufacturing where the designing of the forging die is done by engineers. This design depends upon several factors like temperature, working material, flow stress, etc. Moreover, in this process, overfilling and filling are avoided by authentic calculation of blank volume.

The other thing that plays a vital role in this procedure is the parting line that refers to the two molds intersection area. Multiple options are available for the parting line while manufacturing certain forged parts.

Cold Forging

The most essential component of cold forging is the fast hydraulic press and the entire working of this forging revolves around this equipment. About 630 tons of hydraulic press were available at CXIN Company and this number has increased to 800 tons in the past year.

Cold forging has been utilized in the production of different electric cycle parts, new energy vehicles, automobile vehicles, machinery parts for mining, etc. In addition to these parts, it is also used for agricultural equipment manufacturing and recycling machinery.

Hot Die Forging

Hot die forging is also an important forging technique where the friction press has a significant role. There were about 1600 tons of forging press available at CXIN Company but 10,000 tons is the annual design capacity available now.

This forging can manufacture motorcycle parts, new energy vehicles, automobile vehicles, and other machinery parts in a very strengthful manner. The precision of the manufacturing parts by hot die forging has reached a significant position.

Warm Extrusion

The latest technology of forging is referred to as warm extrusion forging. This forging is a little bit different from cold and hot forging as while heating the blank, the temperature is kept above room temperature but below the recrystallization temperature.

Moreover, the plank that was heated after extrusion in cold and hot die forging is now heated after extrusion in warm extrusion forging.

Product Design

In the designing process of a product, different application design software is used so that the two-dimensional and three-dimensional design of the particular product can be obtained. This application software may include PROE, CAD, or UG. In this process, the quality of mold design is improved, and makes sure that the design is free of human-caused errors.

The external shape of the product is meant to be shown by using the three-dimensional modeling procedure. Hence, it becomes easy to extract problems from the design at the exact time.

Final Words

Forging comes in different forms and every form has its purpose and process. Forging auto parts can be done in several ways and it allows us to get our desired shape. Automobile forming is way better and more productive as compared to machine forming and casting. Therefore, it comes up with amazing features and is preferred a lot.


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