Why is it such a huge deal if I put together my walk-in humidor? To start, it’ll help you save a tonne of money. Building a walk in humidor cigar box is a simple and inexpensive DIY project and well worth considering how much cigar smokers are willing to spend on high-quality tobacco and accessories. The average cigar enthusiast can construct a walk-in humidor for less than $3,000, and there are numerous attractive and practical designs from which to pick. For those who have been smoking cigars and collecting them for some time, constructing a humidor room is a terrific DIY project.

Precisely What Is A “Walk-In Humidor”?

The humidity and temperature of a walk-in humidor are maintained at constant levels, making it ideal for storing cigars. As a result, the cigars will retain their superior flavor and freshness for longer. Depending on the number of cigars you intend to keep and display, you can choose from various walk-in humidors. Water tanks are included with many of our walk-in humidors in case you don’t have access to a water source or drain.

Why Is It A Good Idea To Construct A Walk-In Humidor If There Are Any Benefits?

A walk-in humidor has several advantages. You can stockpile more cigars without worrying about deteriorating quality due to improper storage. If you want to make locating a specific cigar in your collection simpler, you can arrange them in a system that best suits your needs. A walk-in humidor you build yourself is a great way to show off your cigar collection to friends, family, and visitors. Having everything laid out in neat little rows like this might make selecting what you want from your group a breeze.

To Make A Homemade Cigar Humidor, How Many Cigars Do I Need?

The answer to this query depends upon the available square footage for the walk-in humidor. A collection of 12-15 cigar boxes would fit in a small closet (three feet in width by six feet high) to give you an idea of scale. The number of cigar boxes you can store in your walk-in closet is directly proportional to its size.

What Size Humidifier Should I Get?

You won’t have any trouble with this. Assess the space available to you by taking measurements. To get the overall volume of a room, multiply its dimensions (length x breadth x height) by itself. All modern humidifiers prominently display the volume of air they can treat. Humidifiers, for instance, are effective in a space as little as 30 square feet and as large as 90 square feet. The ARIS 826 Humidifier is suitable for a room with square footage between 100 and 1000.


You value cigars more than merely a leisure activity for the weekend. The walk-in humidor price is crucial to you as it affects such a significant aspect of your way of life. Among these consumers are the collectors who prefer not to light up. These cigar enthusiasts consistently stock an impressive array of tobacco products. A walk-in humidor is the best method to store your cigars safely and securely without sacrificing floor space. Understandably, humidors designed to keep cigars fresh would inspire curiosity.


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