A USB-C cable, also known as a Type C charging cable, is a thin, asymmetrical, and oval-shaped cable. It is the latest USB type, and it stands out from the rest in numerous ways. One of the main differences between previous USB types and the USB-C cable is the appearance. However, apart from their appearance, they also differ in functions. You can do a lot with a high-quality USB C cable. The best place you can visit now for a new cable today is the Ugreen online store. So, how can you use this cable to maximize its functionality?

Four tips on how to use a USB-C cable

It is easy to assure that you do not need to know a lot when using a cable. Everybody can connect their phone to the cable without a manual. But there is more you must learn to make sure the charge operates safely and delivers to the maximum. That said, here are some things every USB-C cable owner must know and consider.

Using a USB-C cable for fast charging

Like other USB cables, the USB-C cable is used for charging. However, the primary difference between a USB-C cable and the rest is its fast-charging abilities. The cable charges almost twice as fast as the standard USB- A and USB-B cable. Note that USB-C cables are not only suitable for charging mobile phones; they can also charge tablets, power banks, laptops, and desktops if the gadgets have a USB-C port. When charging with a USB-C cable, ensure that the cable is compatible with your device, and remember that the cable is reversible. It means that you can plug it from any orientation.

Using a USB-C cable for data transfer

You can also use this cable to transfer data to and from your devices. For example, you can use the cable to transfer data from your phone to your computer or from one phone to another. These cables also offer a fast transfer rate. In this case, ensure there is compatibility, and the cable allows for speedy data transfer.

Using a USB-C cable to connect your monitor

You can also use a USB Type-C cable to connect your HDMI monitor. However, you will need a USB-C to HDMI adapter. You can also use it to connect your personal computer, especially if they have a USB-C port. Therefore, a regular USB-C to USB-C cable will do the trick. Apple computers encourage USB-C for charging and data transfer.

Who can use a USB-C cable?

These cables will serve everyone. They are easy to use and compatible with even the latest smartphone and computer models. Additionally, their popularity implies that they will remain consistent with various devices for several years.


USB-C cables are smaller than standard USB cables. Therefore, they are not compatible with all gadgets, especially older models. They only work with devices with a USB-C port. However, you can use a combination cable like a USB-C to A cable on gadgets without a USB-C port.  With the tips above for using a USB-C cable, browse the Ugreen store for a purchase today.


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